Schizm #4

Schizm #4
Author: Emma Holmes
Publisher: Schizm Magazine
Language: English
Pages: 80
Size: A5
Weight: 19.1 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €5.00
Product Description

Schizm Magazine presents an assortment of found, made and contributed material edited and formatted to build and/or re-contextualize various forms of visual and written language.
This Spring Bumper 80 page issue of Schizm Magazine incorporates material from fifteen past contributors and fifteen new contributors. As a thematic idea or working subject for issue Four the editor proposed;

NOW (obsolescence, regeneration & criticality)

Contributors: Bob Ajar, Shahin Afrassiabi, Michael Andreae, Noah Angell, Caline Aoun, Mike Ballard, Sam Basu, Manuela Barczewski, Paul Buck, John Chilver, Ami Clarke, Craig Cooper, Alexandre Da Cunha, Doyle and Mallinson, Alasdair Duncan, Deborah Farnault, Charles Gute, Michael Hampton, Friederike Hamann, Ed Jones, Dean Kenning, Sara Knowland, Cedar Lewisohn, Leonard Manasseh, Alastair Mackinven, Sascha Mikloweit, Anne Redmond, Giorgio Sadotti, Stephen Setford.

First Edition 300 copies.