Schizm #3

Schizm #3
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Publisher: Schizm Magazine
Language: English
Pages: 36
Size: A5
Weight: 90 g
Binding: Softcover
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August 2011

Keeping in mind a definition of schism as engaging with ideas about discordancy and paradox, fifteen contributors were invited to submit material towards its production.

For issue Three the editor proposed as a working theme;


‘Crossing the line’, Is there a line? who defines it? How does this definition change? What are it’s limits?

Shahin Afrassiabi (London), Bob Ajar (New York), Mike Andreae (London), Noah Angell (London), Roisin Byrne (London), John Chilver (London), Ami Clarke (London), Neil Fox (New York), Jillian King (New York), Laura Oldfield Ford (London), Waldemar Pranckiewicz (London), Giorgio Sadotti (London), Stephen Setford (London), Matthew Stock (London), Barry Sykes (London).

Issue Three 1st Edition 250 copies