Schizm #2

Schizm #2
Author: -
Publisher: Schizm Magazine
Language: English
Pages: -
Size: A5
Weight: 150 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €5.00
Product Description

In Issue Two, fifteen contributors were invited to submit material towards it’s production. The editor proposed as a working theme or recurring unifying element; Time Doesn’t Give A Shit, (Idealism, Legitimacy & Representation)

From images that imagine the ideal, to text book illustrations conveying information, the magazine compiles email correspondence, diagrams, photographs, drawings, texts etc, collecting, mixing and balancing these responses to ideas concerning time and our place in it.

Bob Ajar (New York), Manuela Barczewski (London), Sam Basu (Treignac), Ami Clarke (London), John Chilver (London), Alexandre Da Cunha (London), Craig Cooper (London), Alasdair Duncan (London), Kevin Hutcheson (Glasgow), ‘idonthaveyourmarbles’ (London), Ed Jones (London), Cedar Lewisohn (London), Alastair Mackinven (London), Nicola Pellegrini & Ottonella Mocellin (Milan), Matt Packer (Cork), Clunie Reid (London).

Issue Two, 1st Edition 200 Copies