Parole #1: The Body of the Voice / Stimmkörper

Parole #1: The Body of the Voice / Stimmkörper
Author: Annette Stahmer (Ed.)
Publisher: Salon Verlag & Edition
Language: English / German
Pages: 112
Size: 31.5 x 22 cm
Weight: 462 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-3-89770-320-9
Price: €20.00
Product Description

»Parole #1: The Body of the Voice / Stimmkörper« is the first in a series of publications dealing with the materiality of language and highlighting the theme from various perspectives.

This first issue is devoted to the voice and its »corporeality«. This involves both the relationship of the voice to the body that forms it and which it leaves in the process of speaking, and the question of the extent to which the voice forms a body for itself or slips into a new body.

This publication is a collection of texts and works by international artists and scientists dealing with the »fleeting stuff« of language in an attempt to grasp it, make it visible and endow it with a body.

»Parole #1« is based on a design concept that works with the idea of a »body of text«. Each article quotes in its design from the layout of an extant text which possesses an interesting connection to the relevant article, whether in form or content.
The textual bodies of the books are dissected, form and content are seperated from one another and the old layout is »filled« with the new text. In this manner, the design of the publication contains 17 books.