Queer Publishing - A Family Tree

Queer Publishing - A Family Tree
Author: Bernhard Cella, Orlando Pescatore (Eds.)
Publisher: Salon für Kunstbuch
Language: English
Pages: 94
Size: 13 x 19 cm
Weight: 302 g
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9783903114920
Price: €45.00
Product Description

The Queer Tree of Life maps the landscape of queer LGBTQ publishing between 1880 and 2019 in an international context.
Over 400 examples document the wealth of ideas in print of a culture that was clandestine until the 1970s.
The selected examples focus on identity and image constructions of queer lifestyles. Fanzines, self-publishing, academic discourse, research, porn, and artist books are presented as pioneers of a non-heteronormative self-understanding.