The end of the world is easier to imagine (Questions for 2020)

The end of the world is easier to imagine (Questions for 2020)
Author: Tekla Inari
Publisher: Rooftop Press; PBFF
Language: English, Finnish
Pages: 1
Size: 63 x 88 cm / 22 x 31.5 cm folded
Weight: 44 g
Binding: -
ISBN: 9789527258149
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Product Description

A poetical reflection on the complex relationships between people and things, events and places in a neoliberal society of the never-ending tiny spectacle. In her timely short prose the artist participates in ongoing conversations around a variety of issues such as alienation, love, body politics, urban planning, structural oppression hiding in plain sight and the painful limitations of human communication. Inari’s discursive, meditative investigation is conducted with warmth and an open hearted empathy towards her fellow entities. Co-published with Photobooks from Finland as part of their initiative to commission contamporary artists using photography to create new works initially available through a temporary newspaper vending machine located in a public space in the city of Helsinki.

Artist: Tekla Inari
Design: Tekla Inari & Jaakko Suomalainen
Translation: Kasper Salonen
Printing: Printall
rotary colour offset on Exo H 76 PEFC 52g newsprint
Edition of 500
RELEASE DATE: 20.8.2020