The World Explained: A Microhistorical Encyclopaedia

The World Explained: A Microhistorical Encyclopaedia
Author: Erick Beltrán
Publisher: Roma Publications
Language: English, Spanish
Pages: 239
Size: 19 X 27 cm
Weight: 500 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978 90 77459 80 5
Price: €28.00
Product Description

Divided over three exhibition projects taken place in Sao Paulo, Barcelona, and Amsterdam, Beltrán interviewed a large number of people and collected a variety of personal theories on all kind of subjects. He drew his inspiration from microhistory, a genre in cultural history that focuses on personal stories and apparently minor events, sketching a picture of a culture or mentality of a particular period. 'Our view of the world is determined not just by what we have learned about the world or even what we have actually experienced,' Beltrán explains. 'It consists to a large extent of suspicions, makeshift connections and personal interpretations.'

With an introduction by Anke Bangma.
Design: Erick Beltrán with Gabrielle Pauty and Roger Willems.
In collaboration with Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam