Under Control

Under Control
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Publisher: Raum fuer Projektion
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Product Description

Animated music videos by students of hochschule für gestaltung offenbach. project curated & produced by prof. mariola brillowska.

Cover design & dvd authoring: graw böckler.
A raum für projektion dvd release. Supported by hfg of main.

includes the award-winning clips (Oberhausen MuVi Award) by Xenia Lesniewski 'Egodyston' (music by Groenland Orchester) and Mariola Brillowska 'Hond Aerobic' (music by Felix Kubin).

01: IUNDER CONTROL by Marco Russo (music: Schabinggrad Ballett)
02: I WANNA BE A MAMA by Hyo-Jung Kwag (music: Stereo Total)
03: ORCHESTER 2 by Benedikt Rugar (music: Felix Kubin)
04: SCHEPPERTONES by Deveroe Aurel Langston (music: Gunter Adler)
05: EGODYSTON by Xenia Lesniewski (music: Groenland Orchester)
06: A BEAN & EIGHT FRIENDS by Hyo-Jung Kwag (music: Los Kapaikos)
07: DIE BITTERBOESE FRIEDA by Arne Wallmann (music: Obiwaan aka Joerg)
08: DIVINES HANDTASCHE by Linda Horn (music: Stereo Total)
09: SERENITY by Benedikt Rugar (music: Vernon & Burns)
10: OFFENBACH MON AMOUR by Hannes Koerkel
11: THE SOCIAL ASTRONAUT by Tanja Herzen (music: Pete Um)
12: BLUE MOON by Julia Gordon
13: SPEED by Marco Russo (music: Echokrank)
14: ROTER WAHNSINN LEBT by Runa Rosina Menges (music: Nanoklotz)
15: UNSPOKEN by Dana Mikelson (music: Console)
16: UMIARJUAQ by Prae Pupityastaporn (music: Les Georges Leningrad)
17: WO SIND MEINE SCHUHE by Hyo-Jung Kwag (music: Los Kapaikos)
18: IF YOU SEPAK MY REAL NAME by Marie Schoppmann (music: Pete Um)
19: QUEEN IS DEAD ... by Linda Horn
20: DORF by Runa Rosina Menges (music: YourScope)
21: STOP MOTION PAINTING by Harriet El Akrut (music: Nova Huta)
22: RIMBAUD by Astrid Rieger (music: Ming)
23: HOND AEROBIC by Mariola Brillowska (music: Felix Kubin)
24: ICH DEIN NIKOTIN by Mariola Brillowska (music: Juergen Hall)
25: TO BE AROUND by Mariola Brillowska (music: Donna Regina)
26: RUSKI MAKE UP DE LUXE by Mariola Brillowska (music: Juergen Hall)