Super 8 Jahre

Super 8 Jahre
Author: Graw Böckler
Publisher: Raum fuer Projektion
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Product Description

Super 8 Jahre is a noisy journey from Cologne to Corea, via Ibiza to Helsinki, from the Amazone to the lady«s room at the Nitsaclub in Barcelona; a personal, improvised documentary world of pictures accelerated by Graw Böckler - winners of the MuVi award 2001 for best German music clip at the International Shortfilmfestival Oberhausen. This DVD-R contains super seven music clips, an Commercial for a concept promoting the building of a public pool in the inner city and the Making Of with photographs of super 8 years.

Genre: Music Video, Format: DVD-R, Sound: PCM, Image: 4:3 Pal, Region Code: all, Label: Raum für Projektion, Distribution: Kompakt, Specials: Making Of with photographs from super 8 Years.

1) Why, music: Donna Regina, 4:10 min.
2) This Time last Year, music: Mantler, 3:50 min.
3) Because, music: Ulf Lohmann, 3:50 min.
4) Regensburg RMX, music: Markus Guentner, 3:11 min.
5) So weit wie noch nie, music: Jürgen Paape, 3:34 min.
6) Mein Vorschlag: Friesenbad, music: Formfreak by Danmass 6:37 min. + english version I suggest: Friesenpool.
7) Ursula, track: Thomas Brinkmann 9:30 min.
8) Villa E, track: out of limbo by Niobe 7:10 min.
+ Making Of including all tracks from the dvd, 22:13 min.
+ Credits, 4:32 min.

WHY The question of Donna Regina Why do I go until the end of the world, when all I want to do is to be with you is answered by young women who report their experiences on trips through Europe and Brazil. Filmed in Amsterdam, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Dublin, Bad Krotzingen, Athen, Porto, Milano, Cologne. Why won the MuVi award 2001 as best German music clip at the International Shortfilmfestival Oberhausen.

THIS TIME LAST YEAR Summer barbecue at the park. Somewhere cows are grazing on a willow. Consumers and the consumed. The song slowly fades out while incoming airplanes nearly cut the edges of an urban landscape. This romantic moments with sad subtext can be interpreted as visual analogy to This time last Year - a yearning song about the withdrawal of love. Track: Mantler. Lisboa / Cologne 2003.

BECAUSE South Corea - Seoul and Pusan. Two cases of city moloch in high summer. Life shifts to the cooler evening hours. Moments of nightly routine are constantly looped. The visual principle finds its equivalent in the loop structure of the track Because by Ulf Lohmann. South Corea / Cologne 2002. Nominated for the MuVi award 2002 as best German music clip at the International Shortfilmfestival Oberhausen.

REGENSBURG RMX New Year«s Eve at the Nitsaclub in Barcelona. A visit to the girl«s loo. There is a party too. Barcelona / Cologne 2002. Track: Markus Guentner.
SO WEIT WIE NOCH NIE (AS FAR AS NEVER BEFORE) The clip narrates the routine of two female public pool attendants. A naughty swimmer, the exercises for seniors, and a choreography for divers constitute the highlights of their workdays. Starring: Katrin Hallenberger and Lena Böhm. Cologne 2002. Track: Jürgen Paape.
MEIN VORSCHLAG: FRIESENBAD (I SUGGEST: FRIESENPOOL) A young woman makes the suggestion to build a public open air pool in the heart of the city instead of ever more office space that no one really needs anymore, anyway. She reports her arguments visually and creates the vision of a city that highlights water fun right in its centre. Mein Vorschlag Friesenbad is a film out of the series Commercials for a Concept. Ibiza / Cologne 1999. German / English. Track: Formfreak by Danmass.
URSULA A houseboat on the Amazone. Ursula works multi-shifts. She plants, catches fish, prepares them, attends to her guests, washes and scrubs on end. To relax she makes a riverboat trip to the sea. It is there that she discovers luxury. Starring: Ursula Böckler. Brazil / Cologne 2000. Track: Thomas Brinkmann.
VILLA E Interpersonal relations stumble through a ready to move in mansion. Some psycho place, this one. Starring: Frida Staekel, Katrin Hallenberger, Trixy Mecky, Lena Böhm, a.o.m. Cologne 2003. Track: Out of Limbo by Niobe.

MAKING OF shows images with TV- taken by Graw Böckler during super 8 years. Music by Donna Regina, Ulf Lohmann, Markus Guentner, Jürgen Paape, Thomas Brinkmann, Danmass, and Niobe.

CREDITS: Title, Actors, Musicians, Tracks, Year, Label.
THANKS TO: Karaoke Kalk, Kompakt, Tomlab, Sonig, Schilling Architects, Celine Keller, Geo Schütz, and to all the musicians and actors and actresses.