Letters to the Pacific

Letters to the Pacific
Author: Aaron Peck
Publisher: Publication Studio
Language: English
Pages: 341
Size: 12 x 20.5 cm
Weight: 380 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9781935662174
Price: €23.00
Product Description

Letters to the Pacific by Aaron Peck

Aaron Peck's second book quotes Gertrude Stein in its epigram: "Act so there is no use in a center." These eleven letters, sent by the author from New York back to "the Pacific" during a one-year study at City University of New York, articulate the complex traffic between the many geographical edges that shape a life. In this volume the letters have been annotated by artists Adam Harrison and Dominic Osterried, who also designed the book. The plain edition comes with 243 black & white illustrations.

Letters to the Pacific is available in 36 limited edition copies, featuring five tipped-in color plates by Adam Harrison and Christopher Williams, hand-worked pages by Johannes Bendzulla, and a DVD with unique stamped and spray-painted case in a DHL-yellow spray-painted envelope.

An artist edition of 12 books includes all the content of the limited edition plus 12 limited-edition prints by Adam Harrison and Dominic Osterried, and is signed by Johannes Bendzulla, Adam Harrison, Dominic Osterried, Aaron Peck, and Christopher Williams.

Aaron Peck is also the author of The Bewilderments of Bernard Willis, published by Pedlar Press of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and bootlegged in 2009 (with the author's permission) by Publication Studio.

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