15 Horror Stories by Women Workers

15 Horror Stories by Women Workers
Author: Kristina Bozhurska
Publisher: PrivatePrint
Language: English
Pages: 64
Size: 10.8 x 15.9 cm
Weight: 80 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9786084838074
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Product Description

“15 Horror Stories by Women Workers” by Kristina Bozhurska is an artistic documentary project and is the first publication in the new PrivatePrint’s edition, “Emerging Concepts Edition”. Primarily, this book is conceived and realized as a fundraising project for support of the disenfranchised labor rights of the women workers in North Macedonia. With every sold book a contribution is made for the activities of the organization “Glasen tekstilec” from Stip that aim to enable better conditions of the women workers in the textile, leather and shoemaking industries. On the other hand the publishing of the book in English underlines the importance of internationalization of the problem and creates broader space where the voice of these women would echo outside our local context.
The book is consisted of 15 testimonies by women workers mostly from the textile and the shoemaking industries, but also from other economic sectors, accompanied by drawings made by the author herself. Bozhurska uses a journalistic approach in the book by collecting authentic statements of the women workers. In this sense, “15 Horror Stories by Women workers” by Kristina Bozhurska becomes a sort of a symbolic pamphlet that disseminates the voices of these women and develops a method for the artistic engagement to gain a new, re-elaborated form and realistically contribute to the issue it thematizes. The activism and the fight on worker’s rights is one of the main and the most important fights for equality and justice towards all citizens everywhere in the world, not only in a historic perspective, but today as well. The voices of the women workers from North Macedonia state problems, injustices, and traumatic experiences that are understandable and pressing at an international level as well.