Charted Patterns for Sweaters That Talk Back

Charted Patterns for Sweaters That Talk Back
Author: Lisa Anne Auerbach
Publisher: Printed Matter
Language: English
Pages: 33
Size: 22.2 x 29.7 cm
Weight: 153 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9780894390326
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Price: €175.00
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Product Description

Published to coincide with Lisa Anne Auerbach's 2008 exhibition at Printed Matter, this artist's book brings together the various facets of Auerbach's artistic practice, which has included zine making, co-organizing the High Desert Test Sites project, and knitting. Political, relational, humorous, and instructive, it offers the reader step by step instructions on how to knit sweaters and skirts that feature a variety of snappy slogans ("When there's nothing left to burn, you've got to set yourself on fire" and "Yes we can! No we McCain't!" are two examples.) With full-color glossy photos of Auerbach and friends modeling her fashions on photoshoot that actually succeeds in making juggling and unicycling look cool.