An Arranged Affair

An Arranged Affair
Author: Sally Atalo
Publisher: Printed Matter
Pages: 197
Size: 13 x 17.5
Weight: 332 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9780894390876
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Price: €15.00
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Product Description

On the occasion of the exhibition Sally Alatalo: Narrative in Revision Printed Matter has published An Arranged Affair, a new work by Alatalo, with a foreword by Hannah B Higgins.

With this project, Alatalo has resituated her earlier work A Rearranged Affair, a re-collation of a series of romance novels, with renewed attention to the literary possibilities and revelations of the texts in a more consciously narrative revision. Meticulously selected and connected by Alatalo, the character names and specific storylines are continually traded out, but the arc of the action is familiar and the narrative carries on convincingly.