POV paper issue 3

POV paper issue 3
Author: Emmanuel Crivelli & David Berguglia, Viviane Morey, Stéphane Morey & Elorri Harriet (Eds.)
Publisher: La Fête du Slip, sexualities festival
Language: English & French
Pages: 16
Size: 31,5 x 47 cm Folded
Weight: 70 g
Binding: -
ISBN: ISSN: 2297-0142
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Product Description

Swiss-based quarterly mind fucking paper about gender and sexuality, linked to the sex-positive festival La Fête du Slip. Sexy photos, illustrations, erotic fiction, reviews of porn and interesting films, records to listen, dance and fuck to, a selection of sex-positive events, as well as critical articles on theory, politics, sex-education, and lots more!
Journal, full color, under cellophane.

TEXTS BY: Bjork G. (artist, editor and publisher of Hysteria, a periodical and a platform for feminist activism), Viviane Morey (co-founder and director of La Fête du Slip, POV editor) & Elorri Harriet (programmer at La Fête du Slip, POV editor), Nayansaku Mufwankolo (writer) & Tristan Savoy (photographer), Michel P. (Humus bookshop, Lausanne), Sasha Osipovich (co-founder and director of La Fête du Slip, POV editor).
IMAGES BY: Jean-Vincent Simonet (Photographers), Louis-Philippe Scoufaras (+ 49 16 32 08 07 01), Sinnes Dan (tattoo artist, Electric Avenue Luxembourg)

Project coordination: Elorri Harriet
Editorial board and administration: Sasha Osipovich & Viviane Morey
Translation and proofreading: Mathias Clivaz & Sarah Jane Moloney