Author: Phaedra Longhurst
Publisher: PogoBooks
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Pages: 12
Size: 20 x 14 cm
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Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

"Eurasia" was a 2 week project based on the word "collections". Documenting the super continent that spreads across 10% of the earths surface through collage/mixed media and text. The images/project combines social documenting, landscape, and still life. Intentionally minimal, spacious, and simplistic. Pushing the boundaries of using as much little space as possible, wanting to cause the audience to stop, and give as much attention to each single image.

Phaedra Longhurst, 18 year old Foundation Graphic Design student at Falmouth School of Art, UK. Soon to be starting her degree in BA Hons Graphic Design at Brighton Faculty of Arts this Fall. Specialising in Mixed media/collage image making and typography. Obsessed with Dada and paper/book collecting.