Collecting Art for Love, Money and More

Collecting Art for Love, Money and More
Author: Ethan Wagner and Thea Westreich Wagner (Eds.)
Publisher: Phaidon
Language: English
Weight: 748 g
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-7148-4977-5
Price: €29.95
Product Description

Arranged into ten topics that are approached through a key question and answer format, art advisors Thea Westreich Wagner and Ethan Wagner offer an accessible yet unrivalled insider’s view into the often opaque world of collecting art, drawing from their extensive experience in working with collectors and institutions of contemporary art.

Collecting Art for Love, Money and More looks at why collecting art is a completely unique experience that offers emotional, intellectual and social rewards. The authors argue that the motivations for acquiring a work of art and building a collection, unlike buying anything else, may be any combination of investment potential, aesthetics, love of art, challenge, intellectual exploration, social status, adrenaline rush, ego-building or public attention.