The Jewish State

The Jewish State
Author: Theodor Herzl
Publisher: Penguin
Language: English
Pages: 112
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ISBN: 9780141192901
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We shall live at last as free men on our own soil, and die peacefully in our own homes'

Theodor Herzl's passionate advocacy of the founding of a Jewish state grew out of his conviction that Jews would never be assimilated into the populations in which they lived. Herzl concluded that the only solution for the majority of Jews would be organised emigration to a state of their own.

Herzl's political and social plea was the result of centuries of restrictions, hostilities and pogroms on the Jews of Europe. His revolutionary proposal for the solution to anti-Semitism was a Jewish state, where they could live in peace, free from persecution - and this hugely influential essay led directly to the creation of Israel.

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