CONVERSAS #1 – Tudo pelo Ben

CONVERSAS #1 – Tudo pelo Ben
Author: Ana Paula Lima, Ben Vautier
Publisher: par(ent)esis
Language: English, Portuguese
Pages: -
Size: 11 x 16 cm
Weight: 70 g
Binding: Softcover
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Price: €5.00
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Product Description

Tudo pelo Ben records the conversation between the Brazilian artist Ana Paula Lima and the French Fluxus artist Ben Vautier, in Nice, on August 8, 2008. The edition is bilingual (Portuguese/English) and brings a little of her trajectory as Fluxus artist.


par(ent)esis is an independent platform created in 2006 by Regina Melim to research, produce, and publish artistic and curatorial projects in printed publication format.