Author: R-S (Rehberg / Schmickler)
Publisher: PAN
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Pages: -
Size: 32 x 32 cm
Weight: 320 g
Binding: -
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Product Description

PAN has to be one of the sharpest labels around right now, regularly delighting with choice archival and new music from some of the most challenging and talented operators on the globe, with consistently sh*t-hot packaging to boot. This latest is from Mego overlord Peter Rehberg and his old mucker Marcus Schmickler; it's an LP capturing audio from two incendiary live performances they gave as R/S at New York's No Fun Fest and Chicago's Lampo in 2009. Extreme electronic music is the order of the day, manna from heaven for fans of classic Pita, Whitehouse at their most innovative and the outer limits of the Keith Fullerton Whitman canon, but with bass weight to balance its needling treble assault. As ever with the work of these peerless pros, the intense digital barrage masks a huge wealth of sonic detail and nuance both incidental and deliberate; occasionally the fire subsides and you can glimpse an endoskeleton of carefully moulded drone and near-techno pulsation. Mastered and cut at Berlin's Dubplates+Mastering, limited to 500 copies and housed in fancy-pants screenprinted and PVC-sleeved artwork, this is vital, vital stuff.