Financial Glam

Financial Glam
Author: Jar Moff
Publisher: PAN
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Weight: 400 g
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Price: €21.50
Product Description

Athens-based concrète collagist, Jar Moff, follows the themes of his PAN debut 'Commercial Mouth' to bookend 2013 with the beguiling flux and upheaval of 'Financial Glam'. Unswervingly reflective of his home city's state of tension and disquiet, Moff's 2nd album plays out a gripping, intricately detailed scene of chaos and confusion, colliding huge, unyielding structures in a grandiose and epic scene comparable with the sober and meticulously complex electro-acoustic compositions of Xenakis or the spectral symphonies of Iancu Dumitrescu & The Hyperion Ensemble. Across the A-side 'Kresentosiagona' (trans: "Crescendo of the Jaw") builds bruxist tension with hardly any resolve until the run-out groove, employing discordant, wailing electronic fanfare, shuddering percussive strikes and panic attack electronics barely any resolve to its perpetual, lip-biting escalation and mercurial abstraction leaving the listener feeling dazed and enervated, even helpless. B-side 'Financial Glam' comes off like James Ferraro's virtual plaza set ablaze; shards of FM synth and grotesque jazz sax implode amidst shattering glass structures and what could be the cacophony of baying crowds. eventually the tension snaps around half way with the perhaps symbolic, Phillip Corner-like dismantling of piano keys catalysing a yet more delirious 2nd half of majestic, systemic crash.