Night Shift

Night Shift
Author: Brady Cranfield & Jamie Hiller
Publisher: Or gallery
Size: 31 x 31.5 cm
Weight: 350 g
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Product Description

Night Shift is a 12” vinyl record by Brady Cranfield and Jamie Hilder, which documents the artists’ 2012 performance and installation at the Or Gallery. In response to the idea that titanium dioxide, the primary ingredient in white paint, is used as an indicator of economic recovery, the artists painted the walls of the gallery white every night for the duration of the exhibition. As the title implies, the artists’ labour took place at night while the gallery was closed and was performed for an amount of time equal to the gallery’s regular business hours. Several microphones recorded the sounds of the painting and were played back during the day while the gallery was open to the public. Over the course of the exhibition, as paint builds up on the wall, these sounds also accrued after each night’s work, with each subsequent track layered on top of the previous night’s recordings. Liner notes by Andrew Witt.