Author: Selm
Publisher: Opal Tapes
Weight: 57 g
Binding: -
Price: €16.00
Product Description

Heavyweight minimalism in this truly spooked debut from Selm. The Brothers Giets have released music since the mid-00's under other guises but restart this process with an incredibly focussed and restrained collection of obtuse industrial-bass music drawn over twelve tracks and with the most limited of tools and sources. Coming off like a completely unforgiving hybrid of Emptyset and Mörder Machine, these pieces knock the trees down as the cover art attests to.

Opener "Blood" purrs and whirrs looped into its own dread orbit. "Zu" shatters the stereo with a gelatinous bass wave, destabilising all and everything. "Douglas" half-steps forwards with Yves De Mey styled vacuum riddims against an utterly blank landscape. Everything is trying to gather some life force back together on this collection but the dread is just too much, it's joyless machine music and we fucking love it.