A cavity: the capacitive version (vinyl)

A cavity: the capacitive version (vinyl)
Author: Gert-Jan Prins
Publisher: Onomatopee
Weight: 500 g
Binding: -
ISBN: 9789078454427
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Product Description

Taking technological culture’s micro to a global macro level: architecture for electromagnetic sociability.

Sound artist Gert-Jan Prins (1961) deals with the frequencies of our electronic age. Between feedback and composition, between the free will of human improvisation and the determinism of electronic laws (and digital algorithms), Prins operates as a sculptor and an experimenting scientist. Cavity: the Capacitive version is a new work in his study to bring forth the dynamics of this interplay within an architectural (atmo)sphere. The visitors, man, are brought about into this sphere as an electromagnetic wave. Do our bodies and minds indeed integrate into the mechanical and (digital) electro-technical order of our cultivation?

10 inch transparent vinyl in a beautiful, Remco van Bladel designed booklet (30 pages or so)/cover/sculpture of seemingly pure bronze. The booklet’s (2) feature either photo’s of the work or text on the work and it’s realm.