Because her Beauty is Raw and Wild

Because her Beauty is Raw and Wild
Author: Klaus Born, Valentin Hauri, Oliver Krähenbühl (eds.)
Publisher: Nieves
Language: -
Pages: 22
Size: 20 x 26 cm
Weight: 280 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783905714593
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Product Description

The joint publication of Klaus Born, Valentin Hauri and Oliver Krähenbühl hosts three different ‘generations’ of painters and exposes three unique artistic approaches. Such a combination seduces us into comparative reflections, since inevitably the viewer explores and compares differences and similarities between the artists' articulations, while also probing individual characteristics and approaches. Their works are broadly non-figurative – something they ‘superficially' share – and in each case the artist's paintings are supplemented by drawings and other works on paper. The venue offers an opportunity to study from a neutral angle – side by side– their individual approaches and themes; it provides a gateway to evaluate distinct aspects of an artistic stance in parallel positions. The selected works in juxtaposition sharpen the profiles of these individual positions and turn one's attention to elements and features of and within the artistic process which accordingly – reinforced by a differentiated perception – discloses these features more accurately.
Published on the occasion of the Exhibition Because her Beauty is Raw and Wild at oxyd, Winterthur, October - November, 2008.