Mute Vol. 3 No. 2: Politics My Arse

Mute Vol. 3 No. 2: Politics My Arse
Author: Josephine Berry Slater (Ed.)
Publisher: Mute Publishing
Language: English
Size: 17.6 x 25.7 cm
Weight: 533 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-906496-02-9
Price: €12.00
Product Description

'Well, the first thing I want to say is, politics my arse' Issue 2 includes: cover art by Johnny Spencer * Alberto Toscano on logistics and anarchism * Gail Day on postmodernism at the V&A * Brian Ashton zooms in on RFID * Mark Neocleous on generalised anxiety * Benjamin Noys on spaghetti communism * Howard Slater on the August riots * Mme Tlank and Mira Mattar on motherly love, care and capital * Stefan Szczelkun on Gregory Sholette's book, Dark Matter * Anustup Basu on the Arab Spring * Sander on why China won't save capitalism