Mute Vol. 2 No. 14: Disorder / Colony / Collapse

Mute Vol. 2 No. 14: Disorder / Colony / Collapse
Author: Josephine Berry Slater (Ed.)
Publisher: Mute Publishing
Language: English
Pages: -
Size: 22.4 x 15.2 x 1.3 cm
Weight: 500 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-906496-43-2
Price: €7.00
Product Description

Whether seen as the ultimate capitalists, Buddhists or communards, bees elicit fantasies and fears of social productivity and crisis by turns. This issue is not really about bees of course, but the ‘colony collapse disorder' which is currently threatening the global bee population works as a stark metaphor for the crisis of reproduction that is currently afflicting human society as it is currently configured. The collection of articles, stories and images in this issue can be seen as actively disordering colony collapse, whereby our destabilised social and ecological environments are not dispassionately reported upon, but insistently reordered in the pursuit of a hive better suited to our species needs.

Class War: The Game: The Movie
By Scott Lenney
Crisis in California − Everything Touched by Capital Turns Toxic
By Gifford Hartman
The State Climate Camp's In
By Damian Abbott
Upstairs Downstairs: From Intensity to Entitlement
By Keston Sutherland
Invisible Politics - An Introduction to Contemporary Communisation
By John Cunningham
London is a World Class City!
By Max Reeves
Post-Crunch Futures: A Mute Fiction Special
By Hari Kunzru, Benedict Seymour, and Laura Oldfield Ford