Gedi Sibony: Painting · Drawing & Sculpture, Collected Works · Volume III

Gedi Sibony: Painting · Drawing & Sculpture, Collected Works · Volume III
Author: Gedi Sibony
Publisher: Mousse Publishing
Size: 21 x 27,5 cm
Weight: 600 g
Binding: -
ISBN: 9788867491933
Price: €28.00
Product Description

“Objects live their lives, going from place to place, just like the rest of us. Their moods change. Some have different temperaments than others—there are the bullies, the nerds, the dandies, the punks, the hippies, the pranksters, the playboys. They have a mind of their own.
Gedi Sibony’s studio has a mind of its own. Ideas come and go, people pass through, decisions are made, problems get solved. There’s enough room to walk around, but there is also a significant amount of stuff in the way—crates, ladders, furniture, rolls of fabric, sheets of cardboard, stored artworks, empty food containers, children’s toys. As any new object arrives, another moves slightly out of the way.” - Anthony Huberman

Painting · Drawing & Sculpture, Collected Works · Gedi Sibony, Volume III brings together a selection of works made over the last fifteen years by Gedi Sibony (b. 1973, New York), alongside texts by Dan Byers, Michael Darling, Sarah French, Agnes Gund, Anthony Huberman, John Hutchinson, Emily Rauh Pulitzer, Conny Pur till, Tara Ramadan, Yasmil Raymond, Ami Sibony and others, inspired by the evocative power of the American artist's sculptures and installations.