Author: Francesco Garutti (Ed.)
Publisher: Mousse Publishing / Koenig Books
Language: English
Pages: 177
Size: 11 x 19 cm
Weight: 270 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783863355494
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Product Description

Fairland is a wide-ranging collection of analytical standpoints and possible visions on the role of the art fair as a temporary realm of possibility—a vivid metaphor of our time. Exploring the phenomenon of "fairization" as a physical body, or rather, a symbolic territory, the book gathers words and images by authors coming from different disciplines, spanning from the curatorial field to ethnological studies, from economic history, to architecture and visual art practices. Looking at the art fair not just as market or cultural event, but as a solid piece of the art system with all its relationships, hierarchies and social legitimation processes, Fairland is an heterogeneous mix of critical thoughts and sagacious utopias. Examinng a space where the complex relationships between art and commerce, charisma and money are problematized, it investigates how shaping and curating this space today could be seen as a challenging and revelatory practice full of clued for the future. Fairland is an editorial project commissioned by Vincenzo de Bellis for the 19th edition of miart, International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair, Milan. Fairland is produced by miart, Miland and Depart Foundation, Rome.