Author: Dio Wong
Publisher: Mosses
Language: -
Pages: 52
Size: 17 x 23 cm
Weight: 200 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9789887793052
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Product Description

"In my eyes, there are thousands of confined focuses, be browsed and consumed in high speed day by day; living souls forgotten, deaths substituted, eternal return." —Reflecting

This book records the work in solo exhibition Zooming Out by photographer and multimedia artist Dio Wong. The exhibition presents the artist’s work over four years on a series of images captured inside an animal zoos. In drawing attention to and reconsidering the meaning of zoos, Wong also extends his contemplation to life at present and societal issues. 

The exhibition was divided into two sections: a series of images printed on glass mirrors and a motion-sensitive interactive installation which allowed audience to participate. In capturing the animals from behind, the animals appear trapped whilst people streamed around endlessly to take a quick snap rather than stopping to observe.

Another focal point of Wong’s work is the illusory nature of the environment — a seemingly safe sanctuary is simultaneously a place of strict monitoring. As mainstream society upholds speed and efficiency, perhaps we have unconsciously being trapped in a seemingly stable and secure territory.

Curiosity, suspicion and judgement are the manifestations of freedom of thought.