After Opportunity

After Opportunity
Author: Sandy LEE (Ed.)
Publisher: Mosses
Language: Chinese / English
Pages: 330
Size: 24.5 x 32 cm
Weight: 1.3800 kg
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789887793069
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Product Description

Since the Handover, the Hong Kong SAR government has emphasised the phrase ‘Opportunities Everywhere’ over and over again in hope that the people of Hong Kong will embrace these opportunities. In 2018/19, WMA decided on ‘Opportunity’ as the theme of its annual WMA Masters. The works of the seven finalists reveal different tints and shades within different layers of society, offering seven perspectives from seven artists.

Time provides distances which offers a meta point of view. From summer to winter, in 2019 Hong Kong experienced an earth-shattering protest movement. In reviewing the word ‘Opportunity’, the contours of history at any point now has brand new meaning. Looking in from whichever angle, this movement is doubtlessly interwoven with the people who live here.

After Opportunity centres on the curatorial concept of exhibition on paper, featuring seven photobooks of varied designs and binding styles to explore the notion of ‘Opportunity’ in Hong Kong in different dimensions. Through interviews, letters and research findings, the publication also examines a variety of social issues that emerged and intensified between the handover in 1997 and the year 2019, presenting an upfront portrayal of the reality of ‘opportunity’ in the city.

The book invites readers to reread the complex relationship between Hong Kong and opportunity in the last twenty years from a bird’s-eye view and with a meta perspective. In this box of work created by photographers, students and the elderly, may you experience for yourself how books respond to time.


Pierfrancesco CELADA, CHEUNG Nga Ling, Cynthia, Jolans FUNG, Sharon LEE Cheuk Wun, Saskia WESSELING, Beatrice WONG, YIP Kin Bon

Sandy LEE

Box Size: 245 × 320 × 40 mm
Pages: 11 books, 330 pages in total
Binding: Various
Printing: Offset printing
Publication Year: 2020
Language: Traditional Chinese, English
Edition: First Edition