INSERTS, Jiří Kovanda, Pictures and Abbreviations

INSERTS, Jiří Kovanda, Pictures and Abbreviations
Author: Jiří Kovanda
Publisher: MOREpublishers
Pages: 8
Size: 29.7x 21 cm
Weight: 100 g
Binding: -
Availability: -
Product Description

INSERTS is the third series of editions by MOREpublishers.

These editions were initially inspired by INSERTS, a publication by Group Material, published in the late 80’s.

The publication was composed of 10 artist’s pages, bound to a small booklet then published as an advertising supplement in the New York Times.

Different from the original INSERTS-publication, this series is composed of 8 loose A4 pages. Each issue is made by one artist.

The pages are bundled in a signed and numbered (A4)colophon-folder. Published in an edition of 40 (+ 7 A.P.)

€135.00 + tax