Modern Matter #13

Modern Matter #13
Author: Olu Michael Odukoya (Ed.)
Publisher: Modern Matter
Language: English
Size: 27,5 x 21 cm
Weight: 1.2301 kg
Binding: Softcover
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Price: €24.00
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Product Description

The issue is called "The Anti Issue." 2017 was a year of chaos, content overload, anti-establishment moves, counterculture, ugliness-as-sexiness, anti-fashion fashion, subversion, re-thinking, re-framing, re-working and re-imagining.

This is Modern Matter's chaotic, content-overloaded, anti-establishment, counterculture, ugly-sexy, anti-fashionable, subversive, re-thought, re-framed, re-worked and re-imagined Autumn/Winter 2017 edition.

The issue includes features and collaborations with Rita Ackermann, Gabriel Kuri, David Altmejd, Jonathan Meese, Thomas Ruff, and the MoMA's Paola Antonelli.