Passed Me By (restock)

Passed Me By (restock)
Author: Andy Stott
Publisher: Modern Love
Language: -
Pages: -
Size: 31.5 x 31.2 cm
Weight: 350 g
Binding: -
Price: €20.99
Product Description

Besides marking his most substantial output since debut album 'Merciless', these seven tracks signify a renewed, yet introverted vitality to his sound, inverting the energy of his Juke and Technoid hardcore excursions into something more brooding and subtly visceral. They're strident and sensual yet stoically retentive, folding in a wider palette of influences from Kassem Mosse to Arthur Russell, to Actress and James Ferraro, but ironically sounding more Andy than ever. Stepping into this abyssal sound on 'New Ground' we're dominated by bone crushing bass weight, pinned under relentless waves of subbass whilst shards of hypnagogic exhalations struggle for air in his autoerotic pressure system. That slow, vice-turning intensity is breathlessly transferred to the aquatic swing jack of 'North To South', before the gasping Linn drums and glazed boogie licks of 'Intermittent' offer halfway resolution. Their pent up tension is released in 'Dark Details', suggesting a lonely silhouette left in the warehouse after the crowd has gone, dancing like the Moving Shadow logo come to life before the screwed zombie swagger of 'Execution' and that staggering title track slowly shuts down your system with shark-eyed intent. Simply put, if you've been hypnotised by the music of Kowton, Kassem Mosse, Actress or NWAQ in recent years, this record is just essential.