Mat #4

Mat #4
Author: Francesca Lacatena, Megan Francis Sullivan (Eds.)
Publisher: Francesca Lacatena, Megan Francis Sullivan
Language: English
Pages: 94
Size: 14 x 20.7 cm
Weight: 125 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

/Mat#4/ Ice On This (Berlin/Seoul, September 2008)

All along, creativity has been finite by the ability of recreating the happiness of the circle within a given structure. The circle is then what forbids the definitive vertigo, and by so doing, is what inscribes the vertigo to the circular movement without development or progression.
Being Defiant Of: measures of development, political darwinism, cultural darwinism, lazy waiting, most compromises, parlamentary games. In short, it was a going against the social democratic mentality responsible for human degeneration into dingy parvenus, anxious to participate to the 'universal transition'.

A revolt in language could be an obstruction to the convenient standard. The law is going to be pure willingness – a form unanchored to the logic of the real, like an ensemble of transcendent configurations stemming maybe from intense risks, inner states, concentration, exposure.

Whenever the ordinary logic of association ceases to be operative, the problem, if one takes the trouble to pose it at all, is to find a new criterion of relevance. Aesthetical deflections can become authentic creations of something new against the affirmative dimension of confrontations.

Isaac Diggs, Lee Lozano, Grace Jones, Henri Matisse, Mc Lyte, Roksanda Ilincic, Paulina Olowska, Walter Albini, Matt Chambers, Thomas Kilpper, Lynne Tillman, Monica Bonvicini, Eunji Cho, Gyeongho Son, Jean Marais, Alexander Trocchi, Saul Williams, Weezy, Silke Nowak, Piotr Sommer, Stewart Home, Youngji Cho, Piero Manzoni, Jean Michel Basquait, Suh Sang Young, Ben Wallers, Huey Newton, Valéry