Mat #3

Mat #3
Author: Francesca Lacatena, Megan Francis Sullivan (Eds.)
Publisher: Francesca Lacatena, Megan Francis Sullivan
Language: English
Pages: 56
Size: 20.9 x 14 cm
Weight: 80 g
Binding: Softcover
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Price: €9.00
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Product Description

/Mat#3/ Cat's Eye Nebula (Berlin, March 2008)

The Beautiful, the Ugly. What must come first? The equivalence
of being and appearing. The equivalence of to be and not to be.

Barbara Philipp, Nic Xedro, Jeremy Eilers, Isabella Bortolozzi, Karl Holmqvist, Dries van Noten, Tamer Yigit, Michael Hakimi, Dennis Eden, Silke Nowak, Shannon Finley, Denise Milfont, Konrad Lueg, Fernando Pessoa, Claude Cahun, D'Annunzio, Oswald de Andrade, Agnieszka Brzezanska, Henri Michaux, Roland Barthes