Futurism's bastard son

Futurism's bastard son
Author: Billy X. Curmano
Publisher: Mark Pezinger Verlag
Language: English
Pages: 128
Size: 22 × 28 cm
Weight: 540 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €24.00
Product Description

We are pleased to present the first catalogue raisonée about the American artist Billy. X Curmano:

"He’s the only human being in recorded history to claim the distinction of swimming the entire length of the Mississippi River.
He was buried alive for three days in a much ballyhooed effort to bring art to the spirirt world that included a New Orleans-style funeral complete with Christlike resurrection. He once imprisoned himself in a tiger cage to protest the inhumane treatment of POWs in Vietnam. Maverick? Eccentric? Full-blown madman? Billy X. Curmano will be delighted to let you decide."
— Mary Beth Crain, LA Weekly, 1999

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