Vehicle - Issue #108

Vehicle - Issue #108
Author: Lodown Magazine
Publisher: Lodown Magazine
Language: English
Pages: 168
Size: 21 x 27 cm
Weight: 480 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 4191473809002
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Price: €12.00
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Product Description

"Vehicle. Vehicule. Vehikel. See, the term itself already suggests that this issue will be about different, and predominantly motorized, forms of transportation - and there will be bits about the fetish of the vehicle itself, don’t worry - but in actuality it’ll be much more about getting from A to B, an examination of artist’s positions about spiritual, intellectual and physical mobility. It’s about the transportation of information and ourselves within this ever moving networks we find ourselves tied in. Specific rituals and religion can be vehicles for entering stillness and getting certain ideas across, but the same thing can be said about a canvas. Traveling defines our reality, doesn’t matter if you do it the 5G way or by using the excursion train of thought. Every presence has a million turning points - sometimes they lead to dead ends, sometimes to major breakthroughs. We derive from the past, but force ourselves to tell our own future. Science is fantasy and art is friction. Information is for everybody, you simply cannot outsource democracy since technology has the potential beyond controlling our everyday lives. There’s a reason we all travel more than ever before, right? Phew, this was getting a bit too much back and forth through the doorway of my upper head, wasn’t it?! Anyway, here’s another new issue to make your legs twitch and put your grey cells up there into positive vibration, another documentation of international artistic activism against all odds which just loves to feed the mainstream with grassroots craftsmanship. Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt? Wow, what a boring world this would be."
– Lodown Magazine