Volume #4

Volume #4
Author: Raphaël Brunel & Anne-Lou Vicente (eds)
Publisher: Les presses du réel
Language: French/English
Pages: 128
Size: 21x27
Weight: 441 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-2-919217-06-9
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Product Description

Fourth issue of the contemporary art journal about sound: Mark Leckey, Ruth Ewan, Tom Marioni and the sonic explorations in San Francisco Bay, notes on Robert Morris' 21.3, interview with Pierre Henry, the Louie Louie project, special interventions by Dora García and Hannah Rickards, etc.
This fourth issue of Volume comes under the aegis of the double. Somewhere between duality and dialogue, the praxis of certain artists is illustrated as much by way of music as through the visual arts. The repeat, which is rooted in particular in the musical key, reflects the different processes of translation and transformation involved in the copy. In this dialectic that is set up between difference and repetition, interpretation is a decisive factor. It refers, needless to say, to music, theatre and film, all disciplines which involve working from an already existing script, score or theme, appropriating a material, and transcribing it in a more or less subjective way.
In relying on this twofold definition of interpretation, some artists challenge the audience's status and behaviours as much as the systems and forms of the discourse introduced for its attention, and they reveal at the same time that they thwart our inclination to believe and accept – often unwittingly – the rules, comments and other instructions that are presented to us to read and hear.