Magnum Analog Recovery

Magnum Analog Recovery
Publisher: LE BAL
Language: French
Pages: 270
Size: 35 x 21 cm
Weight: 1.4000 kg
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9782919430000
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Product Description

Every year it seems there is a slew of books on or about the documentary cooperative Magnum Photos. This one from Le Bal in Paris really stands out and makes me look back fondly at my own years working at the agency in New York. It draws upon the archive prints that were used as a reference library produced in the form of a binder and features a seemingly random selection of images (scanned straight from the tattered prints), many fold out into gatefolds or posters much are accompanied wit the original captions and story notes sometimes with updated notes by the photographers. it was a really wonderful way of interacting with history through the eyes of a group of curious photojournalists and artists and the dedicated archivists who captioned and catalogued their work.

Comme les précédents ouvrages des expositions Lewis Baltz - Common Objects et Provoke, Magnum Analog Recovery a été conçu par Diane Dufour et Pierre Hourquet (Temple).

Du D-Day de Robert Capa (1944) à Telex Iran de Gilles Peress (1979), Magnum Analog Recovery propose une traversée singulière de l’histoire des 30premières années de Magnum déployée sur 231 tirages d’époque, tous issus du fonds Magnum Analog Recovery. Non académique et non officielle, cette déambulation dans les arcanes de la coopérative est un voyage sensible à travers les plis du temps.

Reproduites dans un classeur évoquant les boîtes d’archives dont elles sont issues, les icônes du XXe siècle côtoient de nombreuses images inédites d’Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eve Arnold, René Burri, Elliott Erwitt, Alex Webb ou Gilles Peress.