Second Chances - The Art of Remaking

Second Chances - The Art of Remaking
Author: The Lazlo Reader
Publisher: MOULTON with VETRO Editions
Language: English
Pages: 288
Size: 20 x 26.5 cm
Weight: 1.0400 kg
Binding: Softcover
Price: €25.00
Product Description

Second Chances – The Art of Remaking is the first issue of The Lazlo Reader, an independent publication delving each time into a different topic.
Remaking is defined in dictionaries as “‘to make anew’ meaning both ‘making once more, again’ and ‘making in a new and different way, form, or manner’.” In this volume we investigate how in the last decades this contradictory practice became a dominant part of our everyday cultural dynamics.

Remaking is a double-natured act. On one hand it generates the unstable scenario of our days – familiar till boredom, foreign to fear – and on the other it negotiates our position in it. We reproduce, clone, and copy. While aiming for originality, freshness and singularity, we sample, quote and remix in the attempt to reinvent ourselves, to renovate our products, forge anew our styles.

Second Chances researches the true meaning of the act of remaking: is copying just the most efficient to produce and spread innovation; does history repeats itself? Is every redesign, revival, translation and adaptationactually something completely new and unique?

A rich array of gifted and established minds, accompanied by up-and-coming talents, look into the mutations of religions (Domingo Milella, Osamu Tetzuka) and the falsification of the arts (Alicja Kwade, Beate Gutshow); the re-planning of our cities (Raumlabor and raumtaktik) and the revolution of our societies (Saskia Sassen, Bifo, Nina Power), the reinvention of tradition (Antonio Marras); modding and tuning, customizations (Massimo Baldwin, Rashad Becker); covering and the remixing (Joachim Schmidt, Katja Stuke&Oliver Sieber), duplicating (Bruce Conner), and piracy (Piracy Project).