Lazlo Magazine #0

Lazlo Magazine #0
Author: Lazlo Moulton
Publisher: Lazlo
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Size: 20.30 x 26.50 cm
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Product Description

Lazlo Magazine # 0 . On dwelling

Lazlo Magazine is a place of investigation through expression, a platform for debate and creativity; bold ideas in fresh forms. A half-yearly independent magazine drawing inspiration and content from (and aiming to reach) the academic chair and the club dance floor, the artist’s atelier and the scientist`s laboratory, the catwalk and the sidewalk. We interview, overview and review. Take pictures, draw illustrations and play music. We write narrative and poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Deconstruct and demystify. Reconstruct and link.
In each issue people from the above very different fields contribute on a chosen topic. Equal attention is paid to the quality of the content and of its layout. A solid and daring idea in a spartan yet adventurous design.

Lazlo Magazine N°0 is ‘On Dwelling’. Strongly influenced by Heidegger`s ‘Bauen Wohnen Denken’ we stroll between metropolis and countryside, real and virtual landscapes, chaos and order, looking for old and new ways to own and be owned by time and space, moment and place. Mapping traces of building re-inventing and re-bridging man and environment.

Edit by Lazlo Moulton
Photo Editors 3/3

Alterazioni Video; Andrea Grippo and Martino Sacchi; Angela Sanna; Ariel Reichman; Benjamin Lindenkreuz; Carolina Melis; Chiara Capodici; Chris Moore; Conor Creighton; Daniel Shea; Dioniso González; Edward Burtynsky; Filippo Romano; Fiorenza Pinna; Giorgio Barerra; Giovanni Solinas; Joachim Cols; Joel Sternfeld; Jules Spinatsch; Katherine Newbegin; Katia Fourquet; Libreria La Central; Lucy Orta + Jorge Orta; Man0rbaH; Marco Bulgarelli and Meike Pullo; Maria Grazia Lintas; Maria Klessmann; Michael Racowitz; Neeva; Patrizia Calefato; Paul O’Connell; Peppe Tortora; Rick McGrath; Simon Norfolk; Sonja Baude; Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs; Thomas Birke; Tony McKibbin; Valetina Ilardi.

The magazine comes with the CD “X to X(1) – Audioportrait of Japan” – a field recordings composition by artist Micha Otto

issue n°0 Spring 2010 – On Dwelling
19.9 x 26.7 cm
148 pages – colours
language: english