n.paradoxa vol. 39: Organising/Organisations

n.paradoxa vol. 39: Organising/Organisations
Author: Katy Deepwell (ed.)
Publisher: KT Press
Language: English
Pages: 96
Size: 21 x 26 cm
Weight: 394 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: ISSN: 1461-0434
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Editor: Katy Deepwell
Editorial Board: Hilary Ribinson, Renee Baert, Janis Jefferies, Joanna Frueh, Hagiwara Hiroko, Olabisi Silva.
Text design, front cover: Kerry Andrews
Layout: Katy Deepwell
Reproduction: Aj Swinton
Printers; Gutenburg, Malta
Distribution: KT Press

Eliza Tan
'Revisiting Art, Feminism and Memory in Singapore and Japan since the 1990s: Amanda Heng and Yoshiko Shimada' pp.5-17

Kirsty Baker
'The Women’s Gallery in Wellington: an ‘Educational, Supportive and Exploratory’ space' pp.18-27

Maria Antonietta Trasforini
'The Long Durée: The Making of Biennale Donna in Italy' pp.28-38

Pauline Barrie
'A Third Viewing: Women Artists’ Slide Library exhibitions 1982-1987' pp.39-41

Stef Engel, Kate Henderson, *durbahn
'bildwechsel – umbrella organisation for women/art/media' pp.42-45

'Women artists in the Yinchuan Biennale (China) 'For an Image, Faster than Light'' pp.46-47

Katrin Hassler
'On Gender Statistics in the Art Field and Leading Positions in the International Sphere' pp.48-55

Hannah Martin-Merchant
'Engaging Publics with Arts Institutions: The Frameworks of a Feminist Pedagogy' pp.56-64

Robin Alex McDonald
'‘There’s the Problem’: On Love’s Role in Feminist, Lesbian and Queer Arts Organizing' pp.65-70

Carron Little
'Spare Rib Revisited: An Artist’s Diary on Residency in Lucerne' pp.71, a-d

Claire Dykhuis with Solmaz Asheri
'Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University’s Feminist Collective' pp.72-79

Yueqi Chen
'A PLACE OF HER OWN: Interview with Cynthia Tom' pp.80-85

Katarzyna Kosmala
'Becoming Imperceptible M/Other: Negotiating Porous Multiple Selves' pp.86-95