n.paradoxa vol. 23: art activism

n.paradoxa vol. 23: art activism
Author: Katy Deepwell (Ed.)
Publisher: KT press
Language: English
Pages: 96
Size: 21 x 26 cm
Weight: 385 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: ISSN: 1461-0434
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'EDITORIAL (Katy Deepwell)' pp. 4

Antonia Majaca
'Feminism,Activism and Historicisation: Sanja Ivekovic talks to Antonia Majaca' pp. 5-13

Kim Paice
'DownWind Productions: detournement Hawai'I' pp. 14-19

Joan Borsa
'Rebels with a Cause: the parodies and pleasures of our own disguises' pp. 20-28

Ebru B. Yetiskin
'(Net)tachmental Arts and the work of What,How and for Whom curatorial collective' pp. 29-35

Stacy E. Schultz
'Naming in Order to Heal and Redeem: Violence Against Women in Performance' pp. 36-44

'Women artists in Artist-Citizen:49th October Salon in Belgrade' pp. 45-47

Rudolfine Lackner
'Institutional Activisms: the work of VBKO and IntAkt in Austria' pp. 48-55

Kirsty Robertson
'The Viral Knitting Project and Writing on the Wool' pp. 56-61

Jung-Ah Woo
'Silence and Scream: Yoko Ono's Subversive Aesthetics' pp. 62-69

Boryana Rossa and Daniela Kostova
'Histories and Bodies: How to Make the Local International' pp. 70-78

Kelly Dennis
'Gendered Ghosts in the Globalized Machine: Coco Fusco and Prema Murthy' pp. 79-86

Mary Paterson
'Martha Rosler: art activist: Mary Paterson interviews Martha Rosler' pp. 87-91

Katrin Kivimaa
'Unruly bodies of women and gender politics of post-socialism, a review of Iva Popovicova 'New Body Politic'' pp. 92-95

Josie FaureWalker
'Review of Cooling Out - on the Paradox of Feminism' pp. 96