n.paradoxa vol. 10: rethinking revolution

n.paradoxa vol. 10: rethinking revolution
Author: Katy Deepwell (Ed.)
Publisher: KT press
Language: English
Pages: 96
Size: 21 x 26 cm
Weight: 385 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: ISSN: 1461-0434
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Product Description

'EDITORIAL (Katy Deepwell)' pp. 5

Nina Czegledy
'in conversation with Randy Cutler, Shilpa Gupta, Eleni Laperi, Nathalie Magnan, Maria Miranda, Norie Neumark, Susanna Paasonen: Rethinking Female Experience(s)' pp. 6-13

'Thoughts on Women and Revolution' pp. 14_26_36

Tomur Atagok
'in conversation with Gulsun Karamustafa, Inci Eviner and Nur Kocak: Turkish Women Artists and Feminism' pp. 15-25

Joanna Frueh
'in conversation with Tanya Augsburg, Maria Elena Buszek and Jill O'Bryan : The Pink of Revolution' pp. 27-35

Monica Mayer
'The Revolution of the Comadres' pp. 37-43

'Women Artists in Manifesta 4 and Documenta 11 analysis' pp. 44-47

Elsa Hsiang-chun Chen
'in conversation with Victoria Lu, Jun Lai, Mali Wu, Lulu Hou, Hungjun Shieh, Hweilan Chang and Teyu Wang: Rethinking Revolution in Taiwan' pp. 49-54

Michele Cohen Hadria
'A Tale of Invisibility, Self Portrait:Palestinian Women's Art' pp. 55-64

Katy Deepwell
'Curating New Narratives interviews Ute Meta Bauer' pp. 65-74

Bojana Pejic
'The Morning After Plavi Radion, Abstract Art and Bananas' pp. 75-84

Agnieszka Wolodzko
'TRANSASIA' pp. 85-88

c.j. fleury
'Co-creative models of art and feminist law in the Templates for Activism project' pp. 89-93