The Spirit of Ecstasy

The Spirit of Ecstasy
Author: David Evrard
Publisher: Komplot & Black Jack Editions
Language: French
Pages: 224
Size: 16.5 x 23.3 cm
Weight: 420 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9782960120714
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Price: €21.40
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Product Description

With Anne Bossuroy, Jean-Daniel Bourgeois, Isabelle Copet, Jonathan Dewinter, Jenny Donnay, Lucie Ducenne, François Francescini, Jonas Locht, Xavier Mary, Gérard Meurant and Nicolas Verplaetse.

« ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ is a novel that reads like a long acid trip in which places, epochs, characters and things, both imagined and real, all intermingle and where people wake up just to go and watch the sun rise. The book seems to be constructed of visions. It is pink, orange and purple and shimmering. It contains smoke, mind-blowing geometric forms, dance, sex and rhythm. There are uppercuts and swings. Its chronology is elusive, and you almost need a map to guide you through it. ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ is a novel written by David Evrard that conveys his joyful experience of exhibitions. At the core of the story is a large exhibition, a crazy curator with copper teeth who, incidentally, doesn’t organise anything, and artists who talk, have fun, and who construct spaces and forms ».
Jill Gasparina.
Published by Komplot and Black Jack Editions.
Designed by Pierre Huyghebaert from Speculoos, with Aurélie Commerce.