Komfort Mag #6

Komfort Mag #6
Author: -
Publisher: Komfort Mag
Language: English / Czech
Pages: 163
Size: 23 x26 cm
Weight: 266 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

Komfort on the trail. A precisely executed deduction, direct evidence and the subsequent cross examination lead to a confession. The upcoming summer issue of the visual magazine Komfort will bring you a crime-themed photo series by Michal Šeba, the author of a successful exhibition at the Prague Rudolfinum; photos of confiscated objects by Lena Amuat & Zoë Meyer; the trauma of Czech detectives, dealing with a real and unsolved mystery of the mass murderer Hubert Pilčík will be covered in a picture reconstruction by Michal Adamovský. The project Selection, where Dominik Hejtmánek and František Polák collect anonymous photographs from private archives and work with the nostalgic energy of this medium, will be presented in the curatorial selection of Václav Jirásek. Scenes from the Diary of the Maid will be provided by Petra Steinerová, and everything will be accompanied by prose from the tough school of Jan Čumlivský.