Kasino Creative Annual About The Internet

Kasino Creative Annual About The Internet
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Publisher: Kasino Creative Publishing
Language: English
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Weight: 200 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: ISSN 1799-0440
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Product Description

Contrary to popular belief, everything is not possible on the internet. Kasino Creative Annual About The Internet shows things that can’t be done online. Kasino Creative Studio’s third annual is a coffee-table-book-cum-analogue-tablet as well as the world’s best photo blog that doesn’t exist. World-class photographers contributing to the annual include Mikko Ryhänen, Knotan, Juliana Harkki, Sanna Charles, Sauli Sirviö, Matti Tanskanen, Pietari Hatanpää, Anya Schiller, Arsi Ikäheimonen and Jussi Puikkonen.

You cannot…
touch art
pet a monkey
read a Lionel Richie article
work out
go see your grandparents
sit on a plane for eight hours
smell poo
make a drilling noise by peeing
go to @BAR
get food poisoning
get a haircut
terrorise walls
see a ghost
go to the sauna
connect with Toivo Sukari
eat chicken
have a late lie in
break a leg
go for a fag
get lost
get pregnant
run to the hills
get wasted
get stuck in an elevator
get mooned
sleep and dream
…on the internet.