Les espaces indépendants

Les espaces indépendants
Author: Lionel Bovier, Christophe Chérix ( Ed.)
Publisher: JRP Editions
Language: English / French / German
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Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783905701289
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Product Description

Independent spaces in the 1990s

Texts of the symposium of the A.I.C.A. (Section suisse), organized by Lionel Bovier & Christophe Cherix in Zurich (December 1997).

Texts by John M. Armleder (in English), Lionel Bovier and Christophe Cherix (in French), Liam Gillick (in English), Harm Lux (in German, John Miller (in English), Michelle Nicol (in German), Hans Ulrich Obrist (in English), and Philip Ursprung (in German). English abstracts of the German and French texts. Discussion (in English). Biographies.

An anthology of texts on the problematic notion of "alternative," based on curatorial and artistic practices. One of the first surveys focusing on independent strategies for spaces, curators, and artists in the '90s, as well as deconsructing the ideological subtexts of both the "alternative" and independence.

Designed by
Liam Gillick.

Valentina Anker
John Armleder
Lionel Bovier
Christophe Cherix
Liam Gillick
Harm Lux
John Miller
Michelle Nicol
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Philip Ursprung