The Little Manual of Expression with Foam Rubber

The Little Manual of Expression with Foam Rubber
Author: Piero Gilardi
Publisher: JRP Ringier
Weight: 190 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €10.00
Product Description

In this artist’s book, Piero Gilardi (b. 1942, lives in Torino) reveals his working methods and explains how to create sculptures like those he has produced since the early 1960s. A pioneer of Arte Povera and a proud advocate of an ecologically concerned undertaking in the visual arts, Gilardi is also a political activist. The technique he developed for his sculptures has often been applied to produce masks, signs, and props for rallies and demonstrations, as this book and an interview with Andrea Bellini explains. For all this and for much more—his design and fashion creations, his social endeavors, etc.—Piero Gilardi is emblematic of the evolution of art and society over the last five decades. He is an artist whose works and theoretical research are still relevant to map what art might achieve and how art might be useful in the "real world."

French edition by Les presses du réel. Published with Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva.