Drawings On Geology

Drawings On Geology
Author: Serge Onnen
Publisher: J&L Books
Language: English
Pages: 150
Size: 18 x 24.1 cm
Weight: 440 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9780974690834
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Price: €15.00
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Product Description

Drawings on Geology is a collection of black and white drawings based on the concept of the Horizon. Dutch/French artist Serge Onnen selected the works from old masters to contemporary artists, as well as anonymous ephemera. This is the second volume of drawings compiled by Onnen following a similar format. The first appeared in Zingmagazine issue no.16 on the theme of the Face. Onnen’s next volume will be published in 2008 by J&L, on the concept of Illegibility.


Drawings by: David Shrigley, Paul Noble, Mark Dion, MVRDV, Hans Broek, Sebastiaan Bremer, Matthew Monaham, Olav Westphalen, Robert Longo, Raymond Pettibon, Leonardo DaVinci, Satoru Eguchi, Le Corbusier, Daragh Reeves, Marla Bussmann, Ellen Harvey, Alice Smit, Ben Polsky, Mathilde ter Heijne, Seurat, Paul Nassenstein, Toba Kedoori, Hannes Kater, Serge Onnen, Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Aam Solleveld, Carlos Roque, Caspar David Friederich, Albrecht Dürer, Arnoud Holleman, Napoleon Bonaparte, William Wegman, Christine Rusch, Grandville, Pope sixtus, Roy McMakin, Marc Smeets, Geert Dekkers... and more !

The publishers are grateful for the generous support from
Fonds BKVB and The Consulate General of the Netherlands.